Sunday, 1 February 2015

birthday wishlist

Disclaimer: I'm posting this with literally 4 days till my birthday so I don't expect nor do I want anyone to go out their way to buy these items for me- purely just a visual representation of the things I'm lusting over.

As they years go by I feel more and more out of tune with the prospect of turning a year older. It feels a little gimmicky and the childhood spark of it being your birthday is no longer there after you've hit 18- at least that's how I feel anyway. Nonetheless in the spirit of things I thought I'd whip up a little wishlist of things I want to purchase in the month of February, not necessarily as birthday gifts, but that's what I'll justify it as to my poor bank account!

First thing is more of a necessity that I'll get on to buying at some point - a hairbrush. I've heard saintly things about tangle teezers and with the Shaun the sheep print still roaming Amazon I need to get my hands on it! Can I justify £11 on a hairbrush though?

Lipsticks in the form of Rimmel Kate moss 107- a cult shade and a fave of my boo Najmin. Mac is also calling my name and at the age of 19 (to be) I think it's about time I owned an item or two from the brand, namely velvet teddy though (definitely not Kylie Jenner inspired at all (!) )

A camera is definitely not a necessity but as I'm planning to get more committed to blogging this year I want to up the photography game to create more content I'm proud of. Canon is always a safe bet but I'm not sure if investing in a DSLR is right for me at this point in my life- I'm thinking of a smaller more compact digital camera with SLR picture quality, any suggestions?

Succulents are something I love the look of and I'm constantly repinning on pintrest with the hope that a much needed room redecoration could happen where I bring my pins to life. Needless to say if it was happening Copper and minimalist would be the theme of my space with Anthropology showered everywhere! I don't think succulents cost too much so maybe one to start off with will do me until I have a house of my own that I can turn into a rainforest.

Lastly a perfume tray is something I'm longing for. I found this one and thought it was perfect but wasn't at all practical with its £200 price tag, Any ideas?

So that's it folks, Birthday or no birthday these items may find a home in my pocket some time, if or when it does you can count that it'll be in a haul!


  1. Loads of blogger opt for Cannon - but nikon quality is completely on par with canon, I use Nikon and would never switch I love it. The Nikon1 is a much smaller camera but with brilliant quality and you can still get different lenses, and all are a lot cheaper than a DSLR; If I was buying a camera for the first time but maybe not ready for a DSLR. Love all these idea's for birthday gifts, Velvet Teddy is a great lipstick, I also like "Kinda Sexy" which is very similar colour and very MATTE. And also Brave!

  2. ooh thank you for the suggestions!


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