Friday, 18 July 2014

Revlon Matte Balm in Sultry

Matte lips are my go-to type of lip product finish because I hate the look of overly glossed lips on me. I've been meaning to get my hands on a Revlon Matte balm but only got to it when the Boots offer reeled me in ( naughty me!). 

So first things first, I have one of Revlon's old balm stains which I reviewed as one of my very first posts ( click here to have a read ) and was a bit wishy-washy as to whether I really liked it or not. But its brother, the Matte balm is definitely the hunkier, more pigmented older sibling. 

It applies like a dream, but as its matte expect a bit of cling on dry patches so moisturise and exfoliate those lips before hand if need be. The crayon makes it sooo much more easier to add a precise line around the lips without adding a brush to the mix and the twisty nib just saves on spoiling a sharpener with the balm. And sticking to the 'balm' aspect I found that although it's matte it still provided a bit of moisture to my lips throughout the duration of its wear.

The actual colour 'Sultry' is so divine- I love it! It's my first plummy toned pink lip stick and it's surprisingly not too daring but has the right sort of boldness that isn't as bright as a red ( confidence issues! ) . It's great for all year round, in my opinion, and will take you right through to Autumn and Winter with its dark undertone.

The lasting power is okay, not the best or the worst, just expect the need for touch ups throughout the day. Like its predecessor, that same minty scent is still present and I know I used the word 'hate' to describe it in the review ( linked above ), but I kinda.... like it now... ( *Hides face in shame*). If your unsure of the scent then do go to your nearest store and give it a whiff because it really is a 'love it or loathe it' kind of fragrance. The colour selection is also worth a look at because there are some real gems, sadly none that really go well with my skin tone, but I'm sure there's one (or many) that'll suit you.


  1. I own three of these matte crayons from revlon, and sultry is the first colour I ever bought, and is by far my favourite! Just such a beautiful shade :) you're right, it'll last throughout the autumn and winter as well! Great blog post x

  2. Love this shade! I'm loving the matte crayons more and more once I try new colours. I wasn't a fan of the minty scent at first but I agree, it kind of grows on you! xxx

    The Sunday Chapter

  3. Revlon have ome great lip products, I'm not surprised you enjoy this! x

    Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  4. I love this shade too ( scent included ) !

  5. by far! revlon deliver when it comes to drugstore.


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