Tuesday, 26 February 2013

On the past... // Lets Turn The Page

This post signifies the beginning of the 'lets turn the page' series of posts I hope to begin in order to help let go of the baggage that has been weighing us all down in our lives. You've all probably heard of the comparison of our lives being books, and everyone's book bring different in their respected ways. Just like an old crusty page that gets ruined whilst reading, that is how the story of our lives also get tainted, remaining in the book, unable to be torn out. Some of my favourite novels have folded pages and the odd spill of juice or rip, but whatever the damage it doesn't take away from the happiness that book gives me and in the same way our lives should be the same.

So I was thinking about the past few years of my life and how much that has happened. Good and bad, it has all been such a life changing experience and has taught me so much I would never have known about. 

It's a known fact everybody would have faced heartache. Whether through a relationship, death, or general failure it may seem our life has become ruined and tarnished by that one moment, and that is perhaps very true ( and of course I can't judge) but is there a way of remembering the good moments rather than the bad?

I certainly don't want to waste my life reminiscing on the moments that made my life a living nightmare but instead want to rejoice the memories that made my childhood years so precious. Of course there is only memories to be made from now on in but who's to say you can't revisit the old times? Because I certainly take a trip down memory lane every now and again. And you know what? It helps to know that you did have that one person in your life or you did have they awesome day in that theme park. So instead of crying about how that time is gone, try and smile because you experienced life with that person or on that certain trip.

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