Sunday, 18 January 2015

Life update // Lazy Sundays #21

So Lazy Sundays took an ironically long break from my blog and I've kind of missed collating pictures of my week to show you all. For the 21st edition of being lazy on Sundays I thought I'd update you with whats been happening.

If you follow me on Instagram then most of the pictures above will probably ring some bells, but if not then now is a chance to go over and have a nosey (@whatididonwednesday ). Life has been hectic this past few weeks and I'm still trying to find my feet (and head) after a long winter break and sudden dip into the life of working. I'm currently on a 5 week work experience for my first year at university and although I'm starting to reap its rewards it wasn't such a smooth start to begin with. Next week I have a big observation so fingers and toes crossed that I don't come across as nervous or unprofessional- my whole grade depends on this!

On another note- How was winter break? I know I'm a bit late but it's not to late to talk about our December frolicking is it? From the photo evidence above I think you can guess mine was full of food and shopping- two things I am not ashamed of loving!

I was hoping to make a 2015 diary or scrapbook this year and that has kind of gone to the back of my mind since starting my placement. Working 8:30am-4pm every weekday takes its toll on me like no other and don't get me started on how quick the weekends go by! I have to now mentally take in the fact that my 19th birthday will be spent with cute 4 year olds- I'm going to say that it's more of a pro than a con, just so I can manipulate myself into thinking that!

Lastly, this blog is officially one years old! I know I've had this blog since 2012 but it was never something I was posting on regularly. With the over saturated beauty blogging community I've been recently feeling too inferior to continue posting but it really is something I LOVE doing so I'm in the midst of carving a nice niche for my blog with unique content to come soon!

Hows 2015 been to you so far?

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