Saturday, 19 April 2014

Summertime Accessories

I'm not sure when summer will come in the UK but seeing the great glimpses of sunshine in March certainly has me preparing for the warmer months of the year. If you know me then you know that summer is definitely not my favourite time of the month, but clothes wise I love the bright pops of colour you can get away with. Without breaking the bank I think turning to accessories is a better way of adding the colour to your existing wardrobes.

> Bags : Simple concept but can be confusing. Choosing the right bag for your outfit is a doddle when you're used to it but for a novice like me I'm not really one for constantly changing my content from bag to bag just to suite an outfit. I suggest investing/ selecting a 'summer bag'. With current trends I think going for a colour is more appropriate than the plain old black. Stick to it for the season and it will honestly become your staple item through the months. Finding a style is the tricky part but I suggest searching Tumblr or celeb styles for what might be on trend for this year. My bag of choice is a ethnic inspired cross body bag that doubles as a tote and shoulder bag. I love the burgundy lace trims and the mirrored front, I think it will be the centre of my outfit choices for the summer.

>Jewels: Whether it's a statement necklace or cuff, outfits are transformed by adding a simple jewellery piece. Stacking small bracelets seem to be an ongoing trend that I do like but something different can be stacking necklaces instead. I like the look different chains and charms give when stacked, and the altering lengths of the necklaces can create a nice Grecian flow to your outfit. Don't go too far with the layering, keep it simple because less is more in this case.

> Scarves: Prints can be hard to pull off when they're slapped onto clothes, but on a scarf I feel like it isn't so bad. Anyone else agree? Scarves are a light and subtle way to upgrade outfits that feel plain and drab because the colours automatically lift the outfit from feeling too casual. Most shops do their versions of prints so it can get hard to choose one that's a good match for you. Key is that any print can work with a plain white top and black skinnys, you just can't go with ten other accessories on top of that because it'll end up looking over worked.

So what are your summer style accessories?


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    1. Hey, thank you so much and sure, I'd love to follow you

  2. Love your blog. I love the necklace, very cute :) Looking forward to reading your posts!


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