Friday, 18 April 2014

Laptop decals// DIY

Cute laptop stickers and decals are everywhere and I was starting to feel a bit left out of the trend. Knowing me I had to conjure up a DIY and give my laptop some TLC, since I probably spend every living day hour on it.

So all you need is an image of your choice, scissors and some sticky-back plastic, or double sided tape will work too. First search 'laptop decals' on your web browser and select something you love and want to have on your stuck to your beloved laptop. Most images I found were Apple mac related which looked so cute and cool but sadly I had to stick with something workable with my Dell. If you don't like any you see why not just choose a picture you like and cover the logo on you laptop, it doesn't have to be on show. A close second option I was going to pick was an Instagram collage idea. I think after my Yoshi decal gets boring I'll definitely go for that one.

Back to the tutorial, print out the image and cut carefully as close to the edge of the image as possible because you don't want white lines or a wonky image.

After you've cut the image trace its outline onto the stick-back plastic and then cut around, again, making sure you don't get any marker lines. When your done, stick the image onto the front of the plastic ( the non-sticky side) and then you have a make shift sticker once peeled off. Ideally you want a sticker maker but I sadly don't own one so I had to make do with what I had. For those without sticky-back plastic take your cellotape and loop it on the back of the image, if it's double sided just stick strips across. A layer of PVA glue on top should give it a nice shiny top coat if you desire that look.

That should now be a completed laptop decal. Stick the decal on its pride of place and admire the sheer cuteness of it. If you replicate this DIY make sure you tag me @whatididonwednesday on Instagram, I'd love to see what images you choose to use.

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