Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Room Tour Edit #2~ Frugal edition

I'm forever trying to find ways to add personality to my room, and with my student budget and lacking funds I can hardly redo my room every time I get bored. Budget options are where I'm at and it doesn't hurt every time I make changes because my shoestring offerings settle my ever changing phases and decor urges. 

So here are my picks... If you missed my Room tour edit #1 click here and check out my tips for improving your rooms.

Get De-potting: I love using old metal tea bag boxes to store my ever expanding stationery bits and pieces on my desk. The mix and matching clash of the labels add a retro vibe to my room whilst still looking vintage-inspired. Thrift stores or car boot sales have great tins and pots like this for all sorts of storage for literally pennies so have a look at what you can source on a budget. I'm on the hunt for a shorter tin to store lipsticks and nail polish, I just can't get enough of them!

Get creative: Getting your box of crafts out is the most cheapest and effective way of updating a space. If you haven't caught a glimpse at these two DIY's then where have you been because they are perfect for adding a bit of personality to your room on a budget. The monogram plaque is so modern but is adjusted to give the shabby chic floral look I was after. It complements my colour scheme and sets the right dramatic statement I was after for the wall. The Instagram/Tumblr polaroid wall is another frugal way to add colour and inspiration to a bare space. I love the way all my favourite Tumblr pictures are above my desk, allows me to be motivated whenever I work, or just have a look at it whenever I enter my room. It's a great conversation starter too!

So there are a few of my tips I use to change up my room from time to time. I still have a whole heap more ideas up my sleeve of ways my room can match the likes of those Tumblr perfect bedrooms we all lust over. For now I'll stick to my budget options because knowing me I will never be satisfied with the idea of a 'perfect room'. 

I'll be back soon with a bunting DIY and even some other secrets that I'm working on so keep your eyes peeled.

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