Wednesday, 26 March 2014


I think every girl has some sort of 'bag within a bag' system of storing the must-have essentials, and I'm no different. This 'bag-ception' if you like, is my saviour and has been at the use for big bag days. My survival kit some ways is jam packed with my essentials, but even then I know I could probably do with a few more bits, sadly my shoulders don't agree with my on that one.

Here's what I store in mine:

The Makeup bag /pencil case- I use this damask print pencil cake from Tesco of all places, spotted on a usual stroll down the stationery isle during the family grocery shop. I've used it as a pencil case and now I think it better serves as a prettier makeup bag/ bag organiser. Besides it's definitely too pretty to get ink stains on.

The products- Made up of minis my bag contains a lipbalm, hand sanitiser, and a perfume- for them 'emergency' situations, of course paracetamol and a mirror for the vanity of it too!

The backup supply- Now we can go even further in technicality and say that this bag-ception goes to another level with this mini pouch I keep small items in. Safety pins, hair ties/ grips, money too. Even though I have a purse in my bag I keep exactly £2.40 in the pouch for the day I might loose my oyster card and have no real change to purchase a ticket on board.- No body likes the people who hold the bus up counting their pennies.

Extras- If I'm wearing lipstick or liquid eyeliner then I carry them with me  for touch-ups because sometimes you just gotta! And how can I forget the obligatory Haribos!- I'm always peckish at the wrong times!

If you have a bag organiser or 'survival kit' in your bag what do you keep in there? 

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