Monday, 24 March 2014

Flapjack Inspo // Recipe

So... let me just confess, I didn't make those flapjacks. But I blooming well got inspiration to create some healthy alternatives with the same rippled chocolate glazing. Sadly I haven't got any photographic evidence of my delicious ones but they were too yummy not to devour at first sight. Plus I wasn't sure whether the recipe would work, hence the lack of any visuals.

Anyway, fear not because you have some store bought ones to glaze at whilst I tell you the recipe to the identical-looking-almost-healthy-flapjacks that I have conjured up.

  • 175g/6oz butter
  • 175g/6oz golden syrup
  • 175g/6oz Sugar ( brown sugar gives a toffee-like taste! )
  • 350g/12oz porridge oats
So the recipe is pretty fool-proof. Mix all the ingredient into a bowl  with the butter preferably melted otherwise it might take some muscles to mix in hardened butter! At this point you can be as healthy and/ or unhealthy, so take nuts, choc chips, dried fruit, or even herbs and chuck them into the mix. Orange zest or lemon zest can be added for an extra kick, coffee lovers can throw in some of their leftover brew too.

Then just mould the mix into a square tin. Flatten the mixture into an even layer and bake for twenty mins at 150 Celsius.

Once cool take a chocolate bar, ( skip this step if you're watching the calories ) melt and drizzle on top. To mimic the rippled effect you need to have a thick layer of chocolate on the top and take a fork dragging the chocolate at an angle from one end to the other. It's best to do this when the chocolate layer has partially solidified, rather than hot because I found that the ripples didn't stay when it was hot. 

So there you have it a semi-healthy snack to munch on whilst not caring about the amount of butter you actually put into it. Cut them into cute little bite size pieces and serve them for a party, lunch box or just for a dessert. 

The ingredients themselves aren't remotely expensive so this can double up as a #moneysavymarch project to get on with your girlie's. If you try them out send me some pics @whatididonwednesday with the hastag #moneysavymarch.

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