Sunday, 23 March 2014

A low key reunion~ Lazy Sundays #5

This a bit of a different type of lazy Sunday because I recently went on a low-key class reunion organised by one of my old friends from secondary school. She was nice enough to invite us all to her home for an evening of catching up and food with the company of each other thrown in for great measure.

The homely atmosphere was so inviting and personal because we all felt at ease without the pressure to act civilised if we were to have been at a restaurant. We're an unruly bunch of girls and our conversations reach shouting levels some how which always gets us laughing in the end. I guess it ties in with #moneysavymarch beacuse it shows that we didn't need to spend money on a huge venue and caterer for the reunion, being together and seeing each other after 2 years was celebration enough. The food was scrummy of course. Homemade cupcakes made by my friend as well as an indulgent chocolate fudge cake for seconds, you can tell I got home ten pounds heavier just by sniffing the cocoa.

I loved the Persian rug on the floor it was so beautiful and I thought it went well with the vibrant scarf I paired with my outfit (see exhibit A for a glimse of my scarf). The interior designer in me yearned to steal it for a future home of mine.

The activities were pretty much alive with conversations of who will get married first and who will be the first to have a baby. At that point I unashamedly voted myself as the first for both of them, but just for the laughs we imagined the least likely friend as the victim- I think it's always funnier that way. We also revived old memories from our year as 13 year olds, times when I was in a band and sang like a scratchy blackboard!

All in all the reunion was amazing and it's times like this where I know I have made friends for a lifetime. Hope its inspired you to organise something low-key like this because if it turns out as fun as mine did then you'll be in with a fun-filled day no matter who turns up.

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