Saturday, 15 March 2014

Tumblr/Polaroid Wall //DIY

Polaroid walls are all the rage these days and I'm one of those people that succumb to the trends pretty easily. Whilst most Instagram printing websites can get pricey I thought of a budget friendly alternative to creating an inspiration wall of pictures without breaking the bank. the cost friendly part of it is owning a printer which saves a lot of money that can be used to print externally, but if you don't have one why not ask a friend or use a library or internet cafe, they usually only charge a few pennies for printing per sheet.

The fun part- Take all your pictures from Instagram and Tumblr and any other outlet you want. The great thing about not choosing the online 'printagram' websites means you can take pictures from anywhere and everywhere. I've stuck to inspirational quotes and Tumblr picks for now.

The tricky part- Place them all on to a document processing programme that allows you to edit, transfer and print. I've used Microsoft Powerpoint but Word or even Paint will do the job.
Line the pictures evenly spaced out on the document and fiddle around with sizing so most of the pictures are similar sizes and widths. Once your happy with it print it out and start cutting.

Sidenote: When cutting I tried to make them more polaroid-esque for a nice vibe. So to mimic this technique just make sure the length of the bottom border is double or triple the size of the other three.

The sticky part- Now is the part where you clear an empty space. I chose a wall space above my desk for an inspirational outlook when I plan to get work done. I also think a wardrobe door, bedside table or bedroom door will look amazing an really hipster. My next location will be inside my wardrobe doors so when I open them each morning to get dressed it will give me a little happiness inside, especially on school mornings!

PS- I've used sticky tac to keep them up but if you have pins you can also use them, or even using patterned tape would look awesome.

Hope you liked this DIY, it has been a longing desire of mine to make an Instagram inspired polaroid wall of all my Tumblr pictures and quotes. If you like the look of any of the pictures I've chosen then head over to my Instargam and Tumblr to have a look.

I've stuck the squared layout but there are many ways to lay it out. Hearts , circles and even your initials are unique ways of creating a picture wall like the one I've done. If you recreate your own styled inspo wall make sure you send me pictures and tag me  @whatididonwedneday #moneysavymarch

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