Sunday, 16 March 2014

Lazy Sundays #4

• School lunches • Flower power • A Crafty Comp • Jam Jar Décor • Sunshinin'

School lunchesMy last few weeks of 'school' are looming and although I'm 18 I feel like my life is flashing before my eyes. I think I'm going to miss lunch boxes and table talk with my buddies. Here comes antisocial university life as we know it!

Flower powerThe weather was too tempting, I had to buy a bunch! I love the wrapping paper too it's so cute and I think it would make a nice wallpaper design #alwaystakingideas 

A Crafty CompI received fabric in the post for my entry into the Hilary's Blinds Craft Competition. I'm planning on completing my post in a few days so keep your eyes peeled

Jam Jar DécorMy family are jam junkies for sure. We recently finished two jars and I thought I'd save a few pounds from the landfill and create makeshift vases like the ones I see on Tumblr. Sadly I don't think I hit the 'cool' status but it's nice to have small arrangements for a change.

Sunshinin'My bus journeys are a long trek but now that the sun is out to play it makes it a whole lot prettier to look out the window everyday.

So that was my week, how was yours? How has the weather been like where you live?

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