Tuesday, 25 February 2014

French Connection Watch

So you guys all know it was my birthday early this month. If you had a peek at my birthday haul then you would have seen a very cheeky little gift in the form of this beauty- A French Connection watch! *Squeals inside*

It's gorgeous isn't it? Now as far as watches go I think they're slowly becoming my favourite fashion accessory- both practically and aesthetically. I have an almost identical knock off dupe (click here to see it ) for this watch already so it's no shock my brother probably put two and two together and bought me an upgrade, knowing that I'll love it. As you can probably tell I'm treasuring it at the moment, leaving wrapped up in its plastic- as silly as it looks. ( sorry!)

As far as it's appearance I love the alternative strap- almost like a snake skin but I can't put my finger on what the texture is called. Its durable too which I like because my current watch is falling apart  rapidly after a years wear. Being white it pretty much matches most things in my wardrobe and I feel like it's a classic style that tends not to go out of style for a watch. The minimalistic dial and arms (is that what it's called?) in the watch is very modern which I love. It contrasts to the girly diamonds and elegant white strap- definitely a statement piece without being too over-dramatic.

So as far as it goes once I test run it I'll be sure to give you guys my run down on the wear and tear situation ( if any). Can't wait to treasure this in the future, definitely my favourite most valuable thing I own so I'm thankful for receiving this beauty!

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