Monday, 24 February 2014

A necklace upgrade!

I've always been nostalgic when purchasing jewellery just for the fact that I was such a little diva with my dangly Pat Butcher earrings when I was younger, matching them to all my outfits. Not to forget the beaded necklaces and bracelets that came in a multitude of colours!

When I feasted my eyes on this necklace and bracelet set from 'John Lewis' I was in love. The first thing that came into my mind was 'wow this is definitely an adult's beaded necklace', which made me LOL a little inside. Reminds me so much of the old school ones from my childhood which made it even more special when I received it as a gift from my family.

The necklace is my favourite out of the two because of its unique interlinked metal spiral chain at the bottom of the piece. It sits nicely on the collar bone and catches the light so beautifully. I wore it with my pyjamas coz' I was that obsessed with it at first! The 'beads' are definitely no longer the wooden/plastic multicoloured cheapness they once were, but a beautiful gun metal grey colour with an undertone of blue. The metallic essence of it makes it a more evening statement piece but nonetheless still stunning.

Like most necklaces it can be adjusted which I find is amazing with this necklace because it alters the looks you can achieve with it. I love the smallest setting for creating a chunky chocker style out of it which really adds something unique to an evening dress or even an outfit that is plain and in need of an upgrade. Not to mention, chockers are definitely creping back in so its a chance to play around and create a statement from a more casual concept in once was. The longer chain creates a more layer-able effect that hangs onto the chest for a more casual yet sophisticated look. So it depends what our going for with it because overall it will still be a talking point no matter what.

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