Monday, 10 February 2014

A Birthday Haul

 So as you guys probably know I turned 18 last Wednesday. I was undeniably spoilt by my friends, family and loved ones and I was so shocked and grateful for the amount of things I received. Being the big 1-8 I was not too fussed about getting anything because as adult life begins nobody really enjoys turning old ( I was certainly dreading it ! ), so everything I did receive was preciously savoured with love.

{Just a little note beforehand- like most of these occasion 'hauls' I don't want to seem like I'm showing off in anyway. I'm simply counting the blessings of things I received which could possibly draw you to buy similar gifts for your friends and family too.}

The gift haul of fame  (pun not intended!)

My most amazing-ist gift- A cupcake making monster of a machine. Can't wait to get started!
Most thoughtful (tough choice)- 'Daughter' frame from my mum
Most Useful- A joke-ly given 'blog book' and 1D Mug, there awesome!
 Most glam- River Island goodies and Barry M nail paint ( SO pretty )
One I'll cherish forever- French Connection watch and '18' Teddy bear

...To treat myself I splurged on some red tulips to brighten up my room amongst the dreary weather. Who says you can't buy yourself presents eh? I'm totally thankful to everyone who made my day so special and enjoyable amidst the torrential rainy wind storm. Hopefully it gives you some ideas on what you could buy someone for an occasion in their lives. I know I haven't delved into this too much, I guess its the fear of hate that could come from this. But if you would like me to link some of these products and where you could find them let me know.

Don't we all wish we could be kids for one more year!?

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