Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Unauthorised Access~ What's in my bag

This is an unshamefully true insight into the contents of my bag.

  1. A rather large notepad in a garish looking purple folder - a gal's gotta keep up with school work!
  2. A whiteboard marker and flower shaped sponge- Don't ask...
  3. An oyster travel card- For them nights out on the town. Just kidding :P
  4. A battered old purse from New look - holds my most treasured possessions
  5. A pen- no explanation needed.
  6. Two subway straws - coz I live life on the edge
  7. Half eaten snack/s - never know when the other half may come in handy
  8. receipts - coz I'm a receipt hoarder
  9. My umbi- AKA umbrella, coz the weather forecast is always letting me down.
That was an unauthorised, less glamorous edition of the popular 'what's in my bag' tag- Hope you enjoyed!

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