Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Here's another quick post to commemorate the hashtag #whatiatewednesday. This isn't necessarily what I ate to today, quite frankly that's impossible as its only 9am and I'm not starving myself all day.

If you're thinking 'what's the point of showing us what you ate?' I think I'm asking myself the same question to be honest! Lets just admire the sheer spontaneity of the pictures along with my sloppy food making skills. I like to think of myself as a budding Jamie Oliver, however I think my skills come in pretty short of gaining a chef status, and more of a novice of nothing status.

Who has time to go to restaurants everyday and spend every dime on fancy fries and French named food? I wish. Let's all imagine next time we're biting into a chocolate bar it's actually a chocolate-fudge-brownie-cheesecake-gooey-centred-fondant-with-fancy-swirls-and-fruit on the side. 

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