Thursday, 13 February 2014

App Adiction!

A true procrastinator comes in the form of an app addict. I think I've been on phases of obsessing over certain apps until it bores me, then I find something else to obsess over and the cycle replays probably until there are no more gaming apps left to play, or until my phone decides to break.

Candy crush is the epitome of my lack of concentration on revision. It sucks me in like a black hole of distraction until my five lives are used up and I lose hope. I'm currently on level 322 which is an achievement for me considering how much I have a love-hate relationship with the app. The beauty of it is the five lives system because who knows how long I would spend at a time on the app if there was unlimited lives! Considering it's called 'Candy' Crush I would've thought there would be some candy looking icons involved. To me they look a bit like blobby hard boiled rocks and hardly look mouthwatering, but maybe I'm being too critical. If you haven't jumped on the Candy Crush bandwagon then you better catch the next train over here because it's too addictive not to share. Once you're in you're in!

A new overly hyped game is Flappy Bird. Not as addictive as Candy Crush, just for the fact that it has an unlimited play time and no lives involved ( except that of the bird ). I admit flying a bird through the pipes was an ingenious idea, hats off to the inventor for that. Although ironically he decided the fame was too much for him and took the app down- sorry for those wanting to play it! Alternative dupe versions are available!

I see where people find it addictive in the need for a medal or high score, but to me it's annoying and boring after a while. There is no element of 'come back for more' like candy crush has with its five lives policy so I rarely share excitement over seeing Flappy the bird. My high score is 9 and while most people will be laughing at my one-figure digit of a high score it angers me to think some people have reached 1459 on the game when I can't pass 10! Oh wells. It's fun whilst it lasts! Definitely a great competition talker amongst friends, that's probably why I hate it coz' the sore loser in me comes out!

My list of apps continue so much so that I have 5 groups on my iPhone that separates them into categories/genres. ( Organisational freak. I know! ) So when I lose hope with Candy Crush I'll be back to obsess some more.

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