Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

I've been eyeing up new shoe options to buy just as a post birthday treat and I'm in love with almost everything I see. Now that I've turned 18 my feet don't seem to be growing much more so whatever I buy from now on in will be lifelong pieces I'm going to treasure. Considering I still own many of my early 13-year old knock off's I'm in dire need of chucking all old remnants out in order to make way for the new.

If you've watched Gok then you'll know what I mean by the term 'a capsule wardrobe'. For those wandering what that is, it's basically a selection of 25 items that are supposedly interconnected to create a multi-purpose wardrobe that can create a multitude of outfits from that selection. In this case I'm working on shoes, so its a selection of a few shoes that should hopefully be all-rounders that can be taken from day to night and from season and style.

The boot- Everyone needs a boot in their lives, whether a knee high, thigh high or just little booties like the ones I've chosen, no one can go wrong with a classic black boot. I particularly like this boot for its cut out detail, perfect for adding a grungy look to an outfit but sadly not useful for snowy weathers and keeping the winds out!

The Plimsole- Converses or Vans are the luxury of the ideal walking shoe, in my opinion. The classic white Converse is a staple in everyone's wardrobe, for both men and women. The versatile colour makes it easy to pair it with jeans or even a summer dress to change the look to more casual and layed back

The chunky heel- An essential for the everyday woman that likes a glammed choice for footwear. The heel makes it casual and manageable to walk in no matter how long, or how treacherous the journey. I love the orange-y peach colour for the spring summer, perfect to pair with a statement necklace for a day out.

The Flat- A must have for the normal casual gal'. These kittie ones are a tad too expensive but C.O dupes are everywhere, especially with the on going animal trend in clothes. I think they'll be a nice addition to a monochrome outfit to give a nice feline edge.

The swanky heel-For those days or nights where you need an upgrade, pop out a statement heel and you'll be set to go. It takes your plain outfits up a level and automatically creates a more sophisticated look. The ones I've been eyeing above are the lilac-y grey suede heels from new look. They're different in the way that the stray is curved at the front, it's something that is different from the new thin strap heels that have taken over the shops recently. The colour is also unique and I like that they can double up as a daytime wearable piece too.

The wellie- Rain or snow a good ole' Wellington boot comes in just handy. They've evolved into furry fleece lined boot hybrids that keep out the moisture, so I'm all about the dry feet. I prefer knee highs because there classics and in my mind look really cool. Ankle lengths don't look to practical to me since the rain and snow can enter the top if you decided to jump a puddle.

The worker boot- AKA ones like these Timberland boots. The whole builder chic look is trying to come into trend whether through overalls or dungarees as a huge statement or a subtle chunky orange-y brown boot. I remember back in my childhood when they were a 'thing' so it's nice to see them seep back into the streets as an unashamed classic trend. I've had my eyes on a blush pink pair so here's hoping I bite the bullet and bring a piece of my childhood back.

The workout trainer- Now that new years resolutions are made and the majority of us are trying to get fit and all that jazz, February is the month you start to do it. I think having a workout/ running shoe helps get you motivated to start something worthwhile. They serve as comfy walking shoes too so they can be multi-purpose if you'd like them to be. The colours are endless and I've seen a couple of websites where you can get them personalised too, just my kinda shoe!

So what kind of shoes will build your capsule foot wardrobe?


  1. I absolutely love my converse! They are white with a pink double tongue and turquoise sole. They are so comfortable and very hard to beat x

    1. Me too Love a good converse! your ones sound really unique


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