Thursday, 27 February 2014

River Island Roller ball perfume

I'm new to the whole scents department, I've alway stuck to cheap alternatives or body mists and never really wondered into the confusing world of perfumes and their odours.

When I received this River Island Roller ball perfume on my birthday I was pleasantly surprised because I loved the scent at first sniff. Its a musky sort of deep smell which lingers for a few hours, which I thought I wouldn't like but I would say it's deiniatly more sophisticated and evening appropriate.

I like that its in roller ball so it can be placed onto the the wrists and other scent spots you'd typically put in on. I would like to see it in a spray-able format so it can be spritzed onto clothes or a garment without ruining it with the roller ball top. Other than that the size is really cute and is great for travelling and evening nights out.

Can't wait to start using it fully, although once it runs out I think I'll have to find an alternative because I don't think River Island are known for their fragrances.

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