Friday, 28 February 2014

get Ready For Revision~Extras

This is the last instalment of the Get ready for revision series so I'm going to wrap it up with some miscellaneous tips that are supposedly going to help you revise better.
  1. Get a calendar - buying a calendar not only allows you to keep track of the date but it helps you track the exact weeks or days left till your exams.
  2. Eat healthily- your brain only functions as well as the food your feeding your body so make a conscious decision to to make some healthy swaps for atlesad the duration of your studying break.
  3. Supplementary aids in the form of revision guides can help a lot when stufying hardcore subjects. Investing in one can be worthwile in seeing your understanding better and grade flourish
  4. Revise in groups? This may not be to everyones taste but sometimes revising in a group can allow people to share their notes and allow you to take down bits you may not have known. Just make sure you don't end up chatting gossip.
  5. Test yourself- practise key terms and info then have a go at a test paper and see what you score. Mistakes can be fixed now so use the time to go over notes on the things you've gotten wrong. 
  6. A family affair. Get your parents to ask you questions on the spot when your off guard. I know it sounds cheesy but they want you to do the best you can so they'll be willing to help you. Plus the questions will help trigger your memory when your under pressure in the real exam.
  7. Online tutors- with the world of vlogging and videos you will find a video that is about the topic you're learning about. I found a whole bundle of videos on math questions that helped me a LOT!
  8. De-stress by doing things like exersize or yoga rather than sit idle on the sofa
  9. Polaroid wall? It's all about a revision walls nowadays so create colourful q-cards and make a little feature on your wall of key notes that will help trigger your memory
  10. If you're into creativity why not make your own mood board or scrapbook style note system with images of things you're learning about. Similarly if you're into film making why not create funky videos which you can look back on and share with others whilst your learning.
Hope this series has helped provide some sense of insight into revision and what you can do to 'suceed' . If you have any tips that I've not included be sure to post them below and share.

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