Wednesday, 29 July 2015


With a move on the cards sometime in the near future I've already begun buying and lusting over items/furniture for my new room. I'm going with a clean slate, no furniture just little bits and trinkets I've collected over the years, so decorating my new space is literally allowing me to go wild and fulfil my inner interior decorator dreams.

Currently after a pretty quick sale on my wardrobe I've been living out of boxes for quite a bit. I cannot wait for the day I can search for clothes without breaking a sweat over which suitcase/box it's stuffed into. The Ikea Brusali 3 door wardrobe is the perfect size to house all my long dresses and hangable clothing. Whilst it's not big enough to fit ALL my clothes in I plan on getting an ottoman bed to store all my foldable clothes out of sight! 

The dresser on the right is something I spotted in a local furniture store (click here for the same dresser from an Ebay seller) and snapped up right away. It's a gorgeous French style with 6 drawers and perfect for storing make-up and other bits away. I was initially set on a dressing table but they can be quite limiting on storage so I think the dresser is the best of both worlds. Right now it's still boxed up ready for the impending move but I'm literally basing all my bedroom decor around now. 

For the small decor items in the room I'm trying to stay minimal but glamorous at the same time. I've gone for glass trinkets with rose gold elements running through. Both the candlestick and basket ( I'll be using as a paper bin) are from  H&M and are really affordable. They both have the rose gold / copper elements I'm looking for but are subtle because of the wire-y design, which means the colour is able to blend in rather than be a harsh block colour. The fairy lights are identical to the ones I spotted in Primark not too long ago and I love them too much not to be picking them up soon!

In terms of the other bits, I'm lusting over the idea of creating faux flower arrangements. I love flowers but I can already tell that I'll be spending a fortune on them over time so the fake type will have to suffice! The peonies I've had an eye on are from an eBay seller and are surprisingly a good dupe for the actual flowers. 

The mirror pictured above is similar to one I was gifted a while back by my mum's friend. I love the ornate details and shape, just perfect to sit above the dresser. The glass trinket box is really pretty too, currently on sale in Homebase for under £1?! Sadly I live no where near a store to pick one up but I wish I did :( Something a little more accessible is the H&M glass tumbler that I'm considering to pick up for makeup brushes and also a monogram letter- I love how they personalise any space!

Finally (sorry for the long post! *high five* to anyone still reading at this point) for final touches I think Ikea's faux sheep skin will be on my shopping list as my new room has dark wood floors and something tells me the rug will be the right type of item to add warmth to the space. I'm also playing with the idea of an arm chair or chaise as I work a lot on my bed and I think it was about time I give my mattresses a break! The chaise pictured above is an amazing price but sadly not exactly the colour or pattern I'm looking for in my new room.

So that wraps up a long room ramble. If you've been bitten by the room decorating bug what have you bought or made for your space?

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