Saturday, 19 September 2015

AA skincare Deodorant

So it's been a really long time since we've seen each other! Sorry for the lack of posts I'll be explaining my absence in an update post on Wednesday, so please bear (or is it spelt bare? who knows?!) with me.

For now I thought I'd kick off my return with a review of an AA deodorant I was lucky to get my hands on. 

I was firstly drawn to the brands natural outlook on producing products. They use very good-for-you ingredients that make you feel at ease with the fact that no chemicals are absorbing into your skin especially if it's a deodorant. 

I've been using it for over a month now and it's honestly not a bad product at all. I was taken a back by the scent of the bergamot at first but honestly now it's actually grown on me to be a musky scent. Probably more suitable for men but it definitely isn't putting me off using it.In fact I love the scent now, i think it just takes some getting used to but it is really a unique scent paring.

The packaging is simple and I like the glass bottle element as it makes the deodorant automatically more premium looking when in fact the price isn't unreasonable at all.
It's definitely a wet product that takes about 5-7 seconds to dry depending  on the amount you like to roll on, so its not too bad for a roll on option.  And as far as keeping me dry it is up there with my favourite deodorant of all time, keeps me sweat-free and odour free for as long as I'm out and about. 

Overall for someone who is partial to a bit of extra perspiration it gives me peace of mind knowing that I don't reek and that my deodorant is doing it's job. So as far as my opinion goes I think the AA option is a great contender. Definitely will be continuing using it for as long as I can get the product rolling out!

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