Sunday, 26 July 2015

New in: Lipliners

So I splurged a tad bit last month and I've only gotten around to doing a 'New in' post! As you can tell I'm slightly collecting lipliners in their dozens, I can't go to the drugstore without picking up at least a couple of nude liners. Luckily, both these latest options are nude ( unless you count the L'oreal one a 'nude').

L'OREAL lipliner magique- white/ invisible colour
After seeing my friend rave about her kiko lip primer I thought I'd give the Loreal version a whirl as it was a few pounds cheaper and looked like a good dupe. After using it a few times I think it's definitely good at keeping my lip products on for longer, but with any lip products it did fade with drinking and eating as a pose to my friend's kiko option which supposedly kept her lips as good as new after a full meal! For now I think I'll keep using it, I love how it literally comes out sheer providing moisture to the lips and a nice base for my lipsticks to sit on as I get really dry lips all year round.

THE BODY SHOP lipliner- mahogany
Last month I popped into the store and caught the 'buy one get one half price' sale which technically made the lipliner £4 in comparison to a hefty £8, and as I haven't tried a TBS lipliner before I thought I'd take advantage of the offer. The shade is bordering the nude and burgundy categories, just the right type of colour to make a slight more impact than a standard nude. So far in love! Stay tuned for a lipliner collection to see swatches of all my lipliners including this one.

Lipliners are fast becoming my favourite makeup item and it's crazy to think a few months ago I didn't own any! Now I am an owner of more than 10 which is literally insane. For a look into my lipliner collection check out the image I posted on instagram and the corresponding post that shall be up in a few weeks! Of course leave your lip liner recommendations below I may own many but I have no plans to stop buying them ( hah) !

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