Friday, 24 July 2015

DIY pamper sessions

Recently, with a summer wedding coming up and with bridesmaid duties in full tow, I've been thinking more and more about getting my skin into the flawless category so I can look back on the days pictures and not hate what I see. My skin has been through a lot of breakouts over the past months and the scars from previous spots are still lurking around leaving me with about 50 different shades of brown on my face, which is not the desired look!

With the big day fast approaching I've devised an at-home spa type session to help me get into a relaxing facial routine without the hefty price tag. This can be done with a bunch of girlies over a sleepover style night in or like me with my mum for a pampering treat.

Note your target areas to combat ie- I have blackheads mainly on my nose that need rapid eviction! You may have an oily t-zone or dry skin, either way note them down so you can get products that do the job. Of course the list below is just a vague indicator as I am no skin expert but this is usually what I go by for my dry skin + some cucumber slices for extra eye soothing!

-all skin types= exfoliation
- Dry skin = moisturising masks
-Oily/ combo skin= oil balancing masks
-breakout prone= tea-tree products
-blackheads= nose/face pore strips

If you want a more basic pamper session skip this step and go with a basic mask.

I tend to go the boring route and purchase pre-made masks from Superdrugs or Lush but making them are equally fun and satisfying. For the recipes I totally recommend Pinterest ( follow me - link on the right bar ;) ) it's so easy to find what you're looking for by just typing it into the search bar. I've used a homemade turmeric mask recipe from there before and it did the trick (albeit leaving a few yellow stains on my towels!).

set the scene. If your going for a spa like vibe then GO go it!  Fill a bowl with boiling water for a little steaming action, light some candles and fairly lights and even go the full hog and get some mani pedi's done too. It's all about the relaxation. Shut off all phones and let the night unwind.

If you have any more tips and tricks to achieving the perfect at-home spa evening then leave them below, I love taking something and giving it a DIY!

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