Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Tuna Bow-tie Recipe

Sorry for the lack of posts! I've been in the midst of Summer plans going from one event to the other and I haven't sat down till now to write up a few posts, so excuse the slightly shorter post. I'll be back soon for more normal style posts in the coming weeks.

This recipe is super easy and makes delicious tuna pasta that can be eaten hot or cold, for a picnic or lunch.

what you need:
- pasta of choice ( 1 cup per person)
- a can of tuna
- chopped coriander
- a few cherry tomatoes
-finely chopped onion
-oil of choice
-salt to taste
- 1 chili ( or skip this option if your a spice-phobe)

What to do:
- Boil the pasta following the packet instructions and set aside in a colander
In a small fry pan sweat off the onions in the oil until the onions are clear and golden. Add salt to taste and the chopped chili and fry for a further minute.
-drain the tuna and add as much or as less as you prefer to the sweated onion mix
-Add some the chopped tomatoes at this point if you like them softened into the pasta, if you prefer a bite then leave them out until the end
- once the tuna is incorporated and fried off add in the pasta and continue mixing
- leave on slow heat so the pasta has time to absorb all the tuna-ry goodness
-then serve whilst hot or leave aside to cool before eating (whatever you prefer!)

This is one of my fave pasta dishes, literally takes 15 minutes to spruce up and enjoy!

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