Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Nars Brush Dupes

Personally I love Nars but with its luxury price tag I can't afford to get the things I'm constantly lusting over. The brushes are just a weakness of mine, from the unique designs to the chic matte black handles it's enough to make you weak at the knees. One of the downsides is it's price, not to say that the beauty does come at a price and of course, the people over at Nars have put pain-staking hours into them but the average student come beauty lover has to draw the line at a makeup brush costing a hefty £43 each!

So here's where the dupes come in... Ebay! Now they definitely aren't as luxurious as the Nars offerings but what I can say is that the near identical look is enough to get me ordering.

I've especially got my eyes on the Nars yachiyo dupe, currently the seller has an all white version which is utterly swoon worthy. Definitely would already be in my basket if it wasn't for my house move and the delivery timings!

So what have you got your eye on?

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