Tuesday, 16 June 2015

getting the base right

Getting the base perfect is the bane of my existence because without a flawless face it's hard for anything else to look good layered on top. I have dry skin and no matter what I do I some how can never get the foundation to sink in without clinging to the dry patches. Saying that I've been working on getting my base right with a few changes so I can look as supple and dewy without letting my dry de-hydrated skin get in the way.

1. MOISTURISE- I used to moisturise right before putting my foundation on so it was practically buffed away with the foundation. Now I work on letting my moisturiser sink in the morning before I apply my makeup, that way the moisturiser is fully in work before placing a primer and foundation on top. Primers will increase the longevity of the base which will stop oils and pollutants from making that base disappear throughout the day.

2. TOOLS- I currently have two face brushes on rotation with the Real techniques expert face brush taking favour on most days. I've also got a beautyblender in my stash that I am yet to use but with my dry skin I'm eager to test out how it affects the application. On oilier skin a buffing brush like the Real Techniques offering will work well to fully buff in the foundation to a desired effect.

3. THE FOUNDATION- It's no surprise that choosing the right foundation is key. I have mix of heavier and lighter liquid foundations which I like to change up when I want a more full coverage or not.  The colour is also important- my first drugstore foundation buying experience was pretty traumatising because nobody was around to help match me. I guessed, which was luckily an okay fit but if it wasn't I would've been left with two foundations ( it was on a offer at the time) that didn't match! ( we cant return makeup in the UK) So take a friend with you and get a second opinion because the nobody wants a mismatched face! - That counts for concealer too! I've had disasters where my concealer was white/ashy grey compared to my face and that is not a great look!

4. SETTING- I've recently invested in a setting spray which I love spritzing on after my makeup is done. You can also choose to set with a translucent powder which I like doing with a duo-fibre brush to ensure that it's a light dusting and not a heavy hit of white dust. Recently I've realised that it's possibly due to the setting powder that clings onto my dry patches so I'm planning to skip that step to test that theory. But for oilier skin or zones on the face you can easily just powder those areas as needed to avoid my worries.

So I'm sure we've all had foundation problems, that's a given. But once that foundation base is perfected applying the next stages is all made that much simpler! In the comments below let me know your foundation tips and disasters too, I'd love to know !

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