Saturday, 16 May 2015

fave makeup brushes

Makeup is something I don't wear on a daily basis but on the rare occassion I do I like to be ready with my tool belt to apply my war paint. Most my brushes have been in a haul of some sort over the past couple of years so they're probably nothing new to you- compromising mainly of Real techniques, not a surprise eh?

My top 5 brushes as it stands ( tends to change from time to time ), consists of the RT expert face brush for buffing in my foundation, it's currently my go-to face brush at the moment, but I do switch it up with the stippling brush for a lighter base.

Next up is the ELF blush brush which I use mainly for contour due to its tappered bristles. I love how it applies the product with the tip of the brush and then blends simultaneously with the rest of the edges. Very hard not to get your contour blended seamlessly with this brush.

RT duo fibre range is another one of my faves, with the big powder brush winning my favour for applying setting powder. It's nice for a light dusting of powder and isn't too heavy on applying an even layer.

In terms of eye brushes I have my trusty eBay offerings to help me smoke up my look. They were as cheap as chips and haven't let me down just yet, so I'm holding on! They're great in terms of packing on the colour and adding definition to the crease so if you're on the hunt for nice eye brushes have a look on eBay.

So those are my top 5 makeup brushes, do check out Najmin's post to see her top brushes because she has an amazing collection I'm envious of!

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  1. Loved this! I've always wanted to try the brushes from Real Techniques


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