Thursday, 7 May 2015

mayebelline colour tattoo

I was recently introduced to the realm of cream eyeshadows in the form of the Mayebelline colour tattoos. I've seen them roaming the blogging world left right and centre over the past years and I was never keen on the idea on buying cream when I had so many powder shadows. That being said I was kindly given the colour 'creamy beige' for my birthday and after a few uses I have converted somewhat to the cream eyeshadow side!

The typical use is to swipe it over the lips with the ring finger as a base for the lids but with my obsession with brown eyeliners I love to mix things up and use a liner brush to create a creamy light brown wing on the eyes.

So for the most part I'm loving playing around with the Mayebelline tattoo and I have my eye on 'on and on bronze' which is always sold out in my local Boots or Superdrugs. I'm tempted to buy some from other brands too so leave your suggestions below. What are some ways you use your cream eyeshadows?

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