Friday, 20 March 2015

Pinterest Home Admiration

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With a possible move on the cards I've been getting over excited and going Pinterest mad with home decor pins. My current room is fine but fine is not the vibe I'm going for in my new space. I want a minimalist feel with an explosion of colour and prints in the decor. I feel like that way I can constantly change up my room with different cushions and throws rather than a whole redecoration a few months down the line when I get bored. 

I'm loving the Moroccan vibe of the cushions giving the lived in feel. That's one thing I want it to feel- loved and lived in rather than being a show room. The floral prints and ethnic colour palette is so inspiring and makes me happy. Even if I paint my room stark white or grey I think the pop of colour will bring it back up a notch and add my personality to the room. Not to mention the open shelving, I think putting my more valuable decor on display will be a focal point in the room whilst being a practical storage solution for all my books and folders. Lets just hope the masses of books I'll need to store will look somewhat as neat when displayed.

Again as I plan to have white furniture (minus my grey bed) I like the idea of having that pop of floral print on the side panels of the drawers, it's an ingenious idea and won't cost a thing but will create ample impact. Not to mention the idea of a huge comfy duvet... I'm dosing off just thinking of it! Part of the white furniture plan is getting a dressing table/ desk situation sorted. I was all for a dressing table until I realised getting a piece that will double as a desk will be more practical for my hectic university life. Sadly I spend more time working than putting on makeup so a compromise has to be made. The ikea Malm is a nice minimalist table and has a large draw so I might consider getting this unless I find an alternative.

For those finishing touches I am itching to get my hands on some cacti in all different styles ( breeds?). I think they add a really high end feel to a space and a natural element to a room without the upkeep of watering everyday. On the not so natural spectrum I also love the idea of displaying my perfumes on a cake stand. It's handy for people like me who panic when they forget to spritz before leaving the house. No more paranoid train journeys with perfume at hand!

So those were my Pinterest admiration's, for more of my loves follow my Pinterest by clicking the link on the side. What are you favourite room inspirations?


  1. Ahhh the room inspiration <3 All of this decor looks absolutely gorgeous

    She Will Be

  2. great post !!

    would love to know your thoughts on my new freebies post Jadiee'sLittleBlog



    Have a nice day

  3. Love this post - I love using pinterest for inspiration like this!

  4. isnt it just! we must have great taste ;) hah

  5. thank you I'll be sure to check it out!

  6. me too, pintrest sucks me for hours- if only my room will resemble an inch of this goodness!


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