Monday, 23 March 2015

head over heels

Following a shopping spree during the boxing day sale I gave in to my Topshop makeup desires and picked up this blush in 'head over heels' as part of a gift duo with Beguiled lipstick. I wasn't too keen on it to be quite honest, it just worked out to be a better deal purchasing the two rather than the lipstick alone (which I wanted).

So it's safe to say I had my reservations from the start. On top of that blushers are something I can't entirely make work on my chubby cheeks no matter how hard I try. That being said 'head of heels' is a cream blush so I've found that I can blend it in better on my face over powders to give a natural look. Despite the neon tinge in the pan it is less harsh on the face giving a rosy pink kiss to the cheeks without looking traffic cone like.

I like wearing the blush on the tops of my cheeks patted on my with fingers and later on blended in my with my real techniques duo fibre contour brush. Together the brush distributed the blush more evenly setting the look.

Have you tried any cream blushers?

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