Thursday, 26 March 2015


Winter is leaving us for another season and with spring in the air bronzers come back out to play. I love bronzers because I think it suits my olive skin tone and blends into the cheek bones without looking like I just plonked it there ( eh hem blusher...).

Collection Bronze Glow was my first bronzer that I purchased a couple of years ago when I first got into makeup and beauty. I love how it's matte and really big for the ultimate brush swishing tactic I adopt when carving in the 'bronze glow' onto my non existent cheek bones. I admit it's not the best bronzer as it's slightly orangey for my skin tone but recently I've been using it as a crease colour on my lids and it looks so pretty. I'm going to play around with how the bronzer pairs with a highlighter and blush on my cheeks to see if it looks any better.

The Body shop Honey Bronzer in 04 is my go to bronzer at the moment. I purchased it last year after biting the bullet and giving in to the Essiebutton hype. It goes perfectly with my skin tone and again the matte finish makes the bronzer effortless and natural on the skin making it appear like I actually have cheekbones! I use it more as a contour by sweeping it up to the temples and layering it in a 3 motion on the sides of my face. Like the Collection offering I also use it on the eyes for a golden goddess look sported on the catwalk of Burberry last year.

What are your favourite bronzers?

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