Sunday, 16 February 2014

get Ready For Revision~Stationery

Revision season is amongst us and the countdown to the finals are up. At this moment in time there are three groups of us emerging- The ones who began revising last year, the ones who have spent a few days overlooking notes, and then the lazy bums who spend school nights watching every single movie they know until there are no more left... Now I wonder which one I am!
So I've devised a cunning new series 'get ready for revision'. Over the next few weeks I will me posting every Monday and Friday with another piece to the puzzle to help us all unite in this battle we call exams! We can conquer it head first and come out the other end as victorious. So lets all raise our pens ( invisible swords ) and get our butts into it!
Here's the low-down to the stationery conundrum;
Choose your weapons | Pens have evolved from the olden days. Gone are the days of dodgy biro's and fountain pens. Now walking through a stationery isle is like being punched in the head with a unicorn and being sent to a confusing land of pens all claiming to do something different.  Don't be fooled. Pens are pens not magical sticks that can talk to you! Pick something your used to. Fineliners, Sharpie markers, felt tip pens , roller ball pens or a good old biro are some of the things you may want to invest in. Not forgetting the essential highlighters. By no means do you need all of these things to succeed- it just might be a nice idea to add more structure to your notes.
Colours of the rainbow | Now that your weapons are selected its onto the boring/fun (circle appropriate) part. If your a visually enhanced learner ( fancy term to say you like colours ) then you'll probably do better with an array of colourful utensils to revise with. I like to pick a pack of pens that have colours I like because that tells me that I'll be actually reading my notes later on. Avoid pens with rubbish pigment or quality because that just lowers your interest and makes your notes look bad too.
Accessories | Apart from the pens, here are a list of things you may want to get in order to aid your revision experience. 
- Post it notes : they come in an array of sizes, shapes and colours so pick ones that you like because they come in handy for jotting down little key terms you might need to remember.
-Notebooks: now this might be a no brainer but different books can cater better for a certain subject. You might like to draw brainstorms of ideas, so for that I use plain papered books because I can draw images and use my coloured pens that stand out more on the white backgrounds. For history I like having space to draw a full time-lines of event so I go for an A4 sized book so nothing is squished or compromised.
-Folders: if you like organising with a folder then make sure you have well divided sections highlighting different topics. Sometimes with notebooks it can be a nuisance when you make a mistake and rip a page out. with folders its easy to just replace the paper and redo rather than messing up notes that have been written on both sides of the page. It's easy to place articles and extra reading material into a folder with a plastic clear wallet without bulking up the size and you can locate it near the page that has the relevant notes made so everything flows and doesn't confuse you with the lack of cohesion.
So that's the Stationery low down complete. Make sure to check back on Monday for the next instalment in the get ready for revision guide.

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  1. Thanks soo much for the tips!! They are extremely useful and will deffo come in handy for the weeks ahead


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