Saturday, 28 February 2015

Jan/Feb '15 faves

2015 is in and my birthday month is over for another year ( boo!). It doesn't help that there are only 28 days but all the more reason why Feb is such a special month. This month I've been a bit of a spendaholic with it being school break and my birthday all in one it was perfect justification for being out and about buying things.

Saying that I've been loving snuggling in my bed watching 90210 all over again on Netflix. unashamadley I've watch all 4 seasons in a month. Only downfall is that Netflix haven't got season 5 so I'm stuck in a pickle over what to watch next. I can't seem to get on the OITNB hype and I've watch gossip girl enough to memorise the lines (#chair).  Any new series that you've been loving?

Speaking of what to do, I've been trying to get back into my artistic side with watercolour. I've popped a few on my instagram but having not done any sort of art since year 9 has had a toll on my steady painting hands. It's okay though because I don't believe in doing art for approval, if I like what I've done than that is what I live off. This month I've been trying to illustrate a few posts like this one- I haven't mastered the art of making my drawings look digitised but I guess I will get there. Any tips for a beginner?

On a fashion-y sidenote I've been living in my Nike's it's as if I walk on cushions when I have them on. They're a black and pink pair with khaki camo detailing which I fell in love with. At the moment I wear them with black skinnies and my black silky tunic so the outfit doesn't clash with the trainers. A little secret too, if your feet are smaller than 5.5 you should check out the youth footwear section because they have the same shoes for almost £30-40 cheaper. I picked mine up for £27 and I regret nothing!

On the beauty front I've been adoring my Simple toner and Topshop lipstick in beguiled. I use my toner before my moisturiser and I've noticed a big difference in the way my skin absorbs the cream, I've had less dry skin this Winter ( as a change from really dry skin and patches ) and I think it's down to the use of a toner. Will be definitely repurchasing and trying other toners in the future. The Topshop lipstick is a plumy shade and can be built up to create a really vampy look. I personally like lightly tinting my lips for a everyday wearable lip that isn't too harsh.

What have your monthly faves been?


  1. Rosanna Longfield28 February 2015 at 10:43

    i loved this post omg it was really fun to read i am inspired. I am yet to get into the gossip girl trend but i know i want to. also topshop lipsticks unff

  2. I adore these illustration kinda pictures, wish I had a bit of that talent!
    and also wish I had smaller feet now too haha, lovely post

    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe x

  3. thank you rosanna - definitely start gossip girl- its the best!

  4. thank you iqra I'm trying to find a different niche in blogging hopefully if it goes well!
    I hardly have small feet I fit into the 5/ 5.5 category barely but just enough to catch a deal hah!


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