Monday, 2 March 2015


After a recent detox of my lipstick stash I came to realise that I have a lot of the 'same' colour palette within my collection. Its either nude brown-toned pinks or plumy purples which kind of took me back-I'm such a change-a-phobe I'm like a magpie to nudes!

Out of the Plumy shades Rimmel backstage and Topshop's beguiled took me by surprise as being almost undefinable on the lips. I honestly wouldn't have purchased beguiled if I knew it was a dupe of the Rimmel shade- I assumed it was more burgundy but I was wrong. The swatch above shows the slight difference in the shades, Rimmel ( second to the left) is more cooler than the Topshop but on the lips they're practically the same due to the shimmer in the Topshop lipstick. That being said I love both for a vampy look either slightly dabbed on or coated more for a full on plum. I have a feeling one of the two may be a dupe for MAC rebel but I'll need your second opinion on that claim.

Kiko lip pencil in 609 is also one of my favourite plums ( more purple in the swatch than it actually is ). The first swatch on the left gives a slight indication of how it looks but it honestly looks better on the lips. It's a glossy lip liner so it moisturises the lips and gives a really nice tint to the lips that can be pulled off on its own rather than under lipsticks. Another plus is that it smells of forest fruits, and I can't get enough.

A not so plum shade I've classified into the plum category is Revlon's sultry matte balm. The shade isn't so much plum or red but an indescribable dark pink-y shade I can't quite name. I love the matte balm for everyday use or building it up for evening festivities. It's also long lasting and paired with the Kiko lip pencil gives a nice plum-y lip.

Now how many more times can I say plum in a sentence! What is your favourite plum shade?

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