Monday, 17 November 2014

Minimal makeup look for the A/W season

Continuing with the theme from last weeks post ( click here to see ). I've gone deeper into the realm of creating a more winter themed look with hints of the same bronzy tones I mention in that post. With only three key items ( apart from your preferred base ) you can see that's all it takes to get a similar look to the poorly illustrated face chart above. ( sorry, I tried! )

 The bronzer is the understated focal point of this look. Sweep your chosen matte bronzer, ( I've gone for The Body shop's Honey bronzer in shade 4), in the hollows of your cheekbones. And if you're like me with no bones to be located in that region of your face then just 'fake it till you make it!' Create a chiselled look by applying the bronzer in the same sort of motion shown in the face chart. Sucking in those cheeks in a fish face also helps.

Blend in any harsh lines so the bronzer almost melts into the skin to give a sun kissed glow from within. And I know it's a winter look but the sun will be with us in spirit!

Phase 2 of the bronzer is applying a light dusting onto the eyelids very generously till the crease begins. Blend again for a seamless look and the natural dip of the eyes crease will make a natural smoky affect once you're done.

The mascara is essential because there is no other eye defining products in this look so lashes of mascara will be obligatory to lift the eyes. Benefit's there real mascara is an amazing one if your looking for length and separation without clumps. I find with this look a clean defined mascara will go better with the pureness of the bronzed eyes, but whatever your favourite mascara is will work fine.

Berry lips are a must for winter no matter what trend or style that comes by. For my lipstick I've gone for a Revlon one in the shade 'backstage', perhaps a dupe for MAC rebel but as I don't own rebel I can't really be too sure.

Pat most the product strongly into the centre of the lips and using a lip brush fan out the product onto the outer lips to almost blend into an ombre effect.

Overall this look will be perfect for an everyday A/W look that isn't too typical or harsh either. If you give this look a go then be sure to tag me on instagram @whatididonwednesday, I'd love to see what you come up with.

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  1. Love that lipstick shade - sure looks like a good dupe to me!

    Josie XOXO

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