Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Gift ideas- For her

Gift ideas are flocking shops and ads in abudance now that November is well and truly in, but personally I think a more heartfelt personalised gift would be less expensive and more appreciated by the recipient. 

My personal favourite idea is a gift hamper or box filled with pampering treats or goodies you know they'll love. It's can be suited to a range of budgets and built up or down depending on what you want to put into the box.

1. A floral box. Boxes are practical, sturdy and reusable, not to mention cheap too. TK Maxx does great boxes in various patterns for really affordable prices. But you can easily go for a basket type hamper if your budget is slightly higher or a normal gift bag if your prioritising on the quality of the products rather than the wrapping.

2. Most girls like makeup, at least I do, so placing a few little products will surely work a treat. Makeup Revolution are a brand that have great palettes for only £4 so it might be a cheap alternative over priced fillers you want to place in the box. The drugstore also do offers of some sort during the festive season so it's worth looking into in order to get a good deal without sacrificing on the quality.

3. Pamper products are worth spending the most of your budget on. Lush is the obvious choice but look into the drugstore for amazing deals on face masks and treats. A bath bomb or two along with a couple of face masks should do nicely. For added treats you can buy a mini bath set and place it amongst the other filler into the box.

4. Indulgent treats come as extras, so it isn't placed as a necessity in my box. But any left over money you may have in the 'budget' can go towards things like chocolates, candles, fluffy slippers or whatever the recipient may love. I also like the idea of putting in a framed picture of you and your giftee, it'll be sure to pull the heart strings, if that's what you're after.

It's really up to you where these boxed gifts take you. You can create a theme and change the products around depending on who you're gifting it to. Plus I'm sure it can work for a male too! You'll be surprised by the amount of guys that like a good exfoliating mask or two!

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