Sunday, 16 November 2014

lazy sundays #21

• Jim in Shortlist• lush bath bomb mania• best biscuits ever• amazing sunrise• nostalgic children's books

It's that time of the week where I round up the escapades from the past seven days into five collective pictures.

Jim in Shortlist• I promise I'm not stalking all Youtubers, honest! It sure does look it from my new habit of spotting them in abundance around free tube magazines, but I'm not complaining at all. Rather embarrassingly though Shortlist is a male-target magazine and I just took it without knowing. Oh well, it was a good article nonetheless.

Lush bath bomb mania• lush never stops being exciting when you walk in. I was recently in there picking up a few things for a birthday gifts and it was a fun experience watching my little cousin be amazed by the bath bomb tutorial we got to see.

Best biscuits ever• If you've never tasted Mr Kipling's Viennese whirls then you must be living under a rock because they're sooooo goood! It's a crumbly melt in the mouth biscuit with jam and icing inside, I'm salivating just thinking of them!

Amazing sunrise• Some mornings I get out super early and the one thing that is a joy to see is the multicoloured sunrise that colours the sky. It definitely makes me forget how cold it is and how beautiful the Earth is.

Nostalgic children's books• Studying Primary education is like being in primary school again but on a more deeper level. A plus side to it all is looking through old books I used to read as a youngster and knowing that children still read them to this day! I definitely want to write a children's book one day I think it would be so cool.

So that rounds up last weeks frolicking, how was your week? 

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