Saturday, 15 November 2014

ELF Blush Brush | review

Back in June I placed an order online for this ELF blush brush. It looked like just what I was after in terms of the shape and size so I bit the bullet and waited to see how it would test against my expectations.

It's a tapered synthetic brush that grabs the perfect amount of product on the hairs and distributes it beautifully on the cheeks giving an almost airbrushed bronze to the face. It washes beautifully too and dries really quickly, so there's no need to worry about any hairs falling out of it any time soon. Apparently it's also anti bacterial so that's a bonus!

I've had this brush for a fair few months now and I've been using it for my contour ever since it was opened. ELF isn't really available in the UK so I placed an order with iHerb (rather than the main site) back in June as part of my 'pre-exam treat' to myself and I honestly am so happy with it. It worked out to £1.80 and I'm so chuffed with it's quality considering it's price point. I'm definitely interested in checking out other ELF products for sure.

It must be a dupe for something out there because I've seen so many tapered brushes out there for ten times the price. So it definitely is worth investing in if you're after a similar shaped brush with identical duties. You won't be disappointed... I hope!

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