Tuesday, 7 October 2014

October feels.

We're ten months into the year! TEN months! It's insane how quick the year flew by. Now that it's October it's become that part of the year where we experience the four seasons in one day. It's not quite sweater weather just yet but I can definitely feel it getting a lot colder in the mornings.

Saying that, October is usually just a chilled month in itself. I love snuggling up with my duvet when I'm not scheduled to go in for any lectures. Which is kind of dangerous in itself because I've ended up making a few 'unneeded' things from various online stores... (Oops!) 

This month should hopefully mark a more committed blog coming to bloom, I was planning to do BLOGTOBER but sadly I realised I was a week too late on that bandwagon so maybe I'll blog every day in November instead. Leave me any requests with posts you'd like to see!

And lastly in this mini update is a bit of a random ending. Sorry for the sporadic nature of the posts. I've tried to write a post explaining my anxiety and lack of life on WIDOW but I just deleted and erased every sentence I began to write. Hopefully now that I've settled into uni life I can calm my constant fear and worry and continue to do what I love with my little piece of space on the internet. 

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