Saturday, 1 November 2014

I'm doing blogging every day in November!

I know what your thinking, blogvember? But my answer to you all is YES!... I know the mish of blog and November sounds horrendous but we're gonna have to go with it. As I mentioned in my October feels post I was planning to do Blogtober but sadly with personal issues I lost track of the date and was a bit too late to jump on that train! So blogvember it is...

I'll be posting everyday at 9am with a mixture of beauty, fashion, gift ideas to get you thinking, wishlists, restaurant raves and reviews of all sorts. It's been a while since I posted everyday so I've planned and dedicated a lot of time to making it perfect! And let's just say a sneaky giveaway is coming too!

So be prepared for tomorrows post, a lazy Sunday mash up. Thank you all once again for sticking by WIDOW for the past year, the best is yet to come. x

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