Friday, 26 September 2014

Room snippets

I'm a bit of a decor obsessive, much to the true appearance of my bedroom, but I do try. Throughout the years of having my bedroom it has had to grow with me; from my early teens to my young adulthood without breaking the bank!

I've tried rejigging my bed from corner to corner and even tried to add a few throw cushions into the mix to attempt a hotel chic makeover. But lets face it. Unless I come onto some serious dosh in the next few days my interior designing dreams are far from hatching from the neat little egg I've grown in my head.

Saying that I am fairly pleased with the separate little cute areas I've created in my space. I'm aware that it may look a bit too Tumblr inspired but hey ho! never hurt a girl to try a few diy's herself. And on the more bright side it cost me nothing but a few old magazines and a printer to create most of it so there will be no sign of tears when my growing self gets bored of what my walls look like.

If you'd like any detailed walkthrough's into creating similar moodboards like the one I've began making then let me know so I can document the rest of my pinning!

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