Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Graze box review

On the track to getting fitter I thought I'd give Grazebox a try seen as I've been eyeing up their leaflets and ads everywhere lately! I was scepitcal as to how nice each snack would taste and if I would be a fan of the flavours, but one box devoured later I am a happy bunny. I can also safely say my family are hooked too!

So here's what I got this time-

Track and Field: Caramel and Peanut - One of the best things I found on the graze website was the option to click 'try now' which automatically placed it into your graze box. Because I was unsure as to whether I would like anything else I decided to choose something I knew I would like, and I was definitely not disappointed at all. It's delish and perhaps not the most healthiest out of the options I received but still a nice 'treat' nonetheless.

Florentine- Pumpkin seeds, dark choc disks and cranberries in one mix which I also liked, mainly with the presence of the pumpkin seeds which I haven't had in years! It rekindled my love for them and I'm eternally grateful. My mum, dad and brothers then decided that they liked the cranberries and dark chocolate more than me so ended up stealing it...

Cheddar gorge- If your familiar with the taste of doritos tangy cheese then you'll be on the right taste with this pack. By far my fave of the four I got! Its the mix of crunch and mild cheesiness that does it for me.

Mississippi BBQ Pistachios- Now I'm not going to lie, my mum had dibs on this before I had a chance to taste them but by the looks of things she loved them. I'm assuming they succeeded in mixing the nut to bbq flavour ratio just right.

So that was my first ever Grazebox and for £3.99 I can't fault it. As much as it looks like I'm sponsored by Grazebox, I'm sadly not. All opinions are mine and totally honest as always. I have however got my own promo code to get you guys free Grazeboxes just type TASNIA3MB in the checkout and enjoy!

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