Friday, 19 September 2014

'Everything but the kitchen sink' Blondies // Recipe

I'm a brownie gal' at heart but seeing CupcakeJemma's blondie video ( click here to see ) got me lusting over blondies. Like all recipes I 'follow' I seem to twist it to suit me and my needs so here's what I used to make my 'everything but the kitchen sink' blondies. Enjoy!

SF Flour- 125g
Caster sugar- 200g
Salt- 1 pinch
Milk- 5 tbsp

Now the 'everything but the kitchen sink' element comes in with the added extras because I literally threw in anything and everything. Nuts, oreo cookies, sweets, pumpkin seeds, chocolate, you name it and it can practically be put into the mixture, the important word to stress is practical! I don't want to see any bacon and sausage blondies on the #bakingwithWIDOW hashtag! 

Bung in the mixture at 180 Celsius for about 40 minutes but do check every 15 minutes as ovens vary A LOT! If you find your blondie mix is really dry looking splash in the full 5 tbsp's of milk one at a time until it is thick ( or thin ) enough to a form peak on the end of your spoon when lifted.

And that should be your blondies done! Sorry for the unappealing plated presentation, it didn't cross my mind to spruce it up with an array of fruit and dose of icing sugar on top ( oops ).

If you try it out do let me know below, and while your at it throw me some youtube cooks to get addicted to watching, CupcakeJemma definitely is one of them for me at the mo.

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