Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Attempts to be healthy?

Healthy breakfasts are something I'm eyeing up constantly on Instagram in deliciously delightful bowls of yummy-ness that I felt I had to try too. I'm pretty far away from achieving a healthy lifestyle from my actual lifestyle so far but, I'm aiming with this mini step it takes me on the right path to loosing a few pounds and gaining more self-confidence.

I am never one to skip breakfast, but I've always just gone for toast or tea with an array of dunking biscuits ( I know, very naughty of me ). Occasionally I'd have a bowl of bran flakes or Special K but that's now a rare occasion. Being healthy just seems so expensive and hard in my head. But I've come to realise that it has to be a task I take if I'm serious about shifting the pounds and having a healthier lifestyle.

So here's what you do. Grab a bowl and pour in about two or three heaped tablespoons of yoghurt, I use the honey Greek yoghurt kind but any will do. Sprinkle in granola of your choice and note to self  don't get the raisin kind if you know you don't like raisins! ( Oh the struggles of picking out raising when your half asleep!) Besides that your ready to go. Plop in fruit of your choice and munch away. And Yes, it does help if the bowl is nicely arranged! Certainly gets me in the mood to tuck in knowing it's healthy, for once.

Here's to a new school year and a new attempt to getting fit, hopefully it doesn't end in tatters!

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