Monday, 15 September 2014

September Wishlist

 I've  been a spendthrift this past month but there's no harm in wishing for more things right? I should really have named this my ultimate wishlist because three out of the four things I'm mentioning have been things I want for absolute ages! Just ask one of my girl friends and they'll tell you how long I've been wanting them because they sure know about it!

First of all is a camera. I really want to become totally committed to blogging and one of the main things that's letting my blog down is the photography. There's only so much an Iphone4 can capture and although I'm totally happy with how some photos turn out, the grainy resolutions make me so unproud. For a perfectionist like me it gives me total anxiety posting something I'm not too happy with so getting this camera should hopefully fix that. It's a Polaroid branded camera that is no where near the price of something like a Canon that I would buy if money was no object, but for now I hope a normal digital one will be a good enough investment to kick start my blog.

Next is another thing I've been lusting over ever since I knew what it was. A mac lipstick. I know to some people it's a daily contacted item but for me it is something I haven't had a chance of owning as of yet. Mac Twig would be my ultimate first mac lipstick choice, and it's probably the safest thing I could invest in knowing I would like it, seen as it fits in with the browny toned neutral pinks I have an abundance of.

Another want is the new ghost eclipse perfume, it smells lush! I've had a scratch and sniff tester and it was so nice I wanted to buy it straight away, and the price isn't so bad either. This is looking like a firm future buy, especially if the price goes down in the Christmas sales ( a bit too early for that, I know! ) , I think I might just stock up like mad!

Lastly, as you might have known if you read my previous post on my bedroom makeover, I want to purge my bedroom of all my past childhood items and make it more 'young-adult' friendly. This monochrome throw from Ikea is my absolute ideal bed accessory and I can just picture it with my pride of place on my new bed. I want to have a neutral theme with pops of colour in the cushions, so lets see how far my plans get executed.

So that wraps up my September wishlist, what have you been lusting after this month?

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