Sunday, 9 March 2014

lazy Sundays #3

•Fluffy Cushions • Signs of Spring? • Old school instruments • Décor admiration • Play kitchens

 This weeks shenanigans were that on a low key spectrum. I popped over to my nans house to welcome her back to the country after three months of holidaying in her home country. School ruled the weekdays, unfortunately but that being said the weather started to warm up distracting me away from the class discussions.

Fluffy CushionsI'm impartial to a bit of fluff and so when I'm over at my nans house I always get a little cuddling sesh on with the pink HUGE cushion which is kind of bigger that me! I'm set to move houses in the coming months so my inspiration brain is on and I'm forever jotting tumblr worthy decor ideas for my bedroom. A pink fluffy pillow is a must!

Signs of Spring? It hasn't snowed this year and although it hurts me to think there isn't going to be snow, the signs of Spring excite me like no other. Sunshine is something I haven't seen in months and to be honest I forgot what it felt like to be warmed by the rays of sun, but not this week! Apparently it was the hottest temperature of the year this week and well there's no competition with the amount of rain we've being having.

Old school instrumentsWhen my cousins toy box was peeking out this crocodile xylophone I had to have a go. I'm a bit rusty but I know how to play a mean EastEnders theme tune!

Décor admirationMy nan's bedroom features some funky things I must admit. The wallpaper is a nice damask print, not my fave but still beautiful.

Play kitchensDon't we all wish we were small enough to play with mini kitchens? I actually reminisce with the days I had my own pots and pans to cook in my own restaurant.

So this week wasn't very productive but once the weather heats up I think I'll be able to capture my week in a better light. Hopefully next week features fully developed Spring sunshine!

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