Sunday, 9 March 2014

Lipbalm Picks on a budget

As winter is a pretty much all year round affair in the UK I'm forever stocking up on lip balms wherever I shop. It's a bit of an obsession because I have a  large box that holds around 20 lip-remedy items but something in me keeps telling me to buy and try- probably because I haven't discovered one that I'm fully satisfied with.

Amongst the ones I'm featuring today it's pretty obvious by the wear and tear of the packaging which ones are loved and which ones I've unashamedly just pulled the packaging off for the sake of the picture.

Vaseline// One of the first things I ever owned as a kid and I was determined to collect all the 'colours' they came out with. I own pretty much the whole collection of flavours they've come out with and although I like the pink rose scented version for its tinting properties, I think the brown Cocoa Butter lends more to healing my chapped lips, whilst also smelling awesome! They usually retail for around £2 so aren't too much.

Chapsticks// I know what Katy Perry was going on about when she sang about cherry Chapstick. I unashamedly also own various flavours ranging from blueberry to strawberry and every berry in between. Cherry is one scent I can't ignore and they all have a surprisingly good lip moistening ability that lasts way longer than Vaseline. Let's face it we all know Vaseline isn't the best but I wasn't expecting much from this either. I like how they are a blast from the past too, a little novelty item to keep in my coat pocket. For around £1 you can't go wrong either.

Aloe Vera// A common flavour of lip balms because they have a healing sense to them. I like the Vaseline one for days when my lips are dry just for the fact that it leaves a tingling sensation that makes me believe that its working magic on my lips. The Dr Organic lip balm is one I've picked up from Holland and Barrett's which I love. It's made of all natural ingredients and although its aloe the scent is of shea butter which is even better! The thick hardness to the lip balm makes it work well on chapped lips because when rubbed onto the lips it lingers for hours absorbing into the lips. I find that it gives the best healing out of all my lipbalms. It's only £3.25 but I always find a buy one get one free deal which makes it practically around £1.65.

Lipbalms aren't very expensive in the drugstore/ highstreet, but finding something that works as well as Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream can be a chore. Carmex and Blistex are some other cheap brands in the drugstore that I am yet to try, but I've heard amazing reviews.

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  1. Thank you, this post just helped me decide what lip balm to purchase :-)
    (going to go for the cocoa butter vaseline)


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