Saturday, 8 March 2014

Paper Bunting // DIY

 Bunting is a trend that I'm loving for my room but I haven't been blessed with delicate hands to sew such fabric ones. I'm sadly too scared to go near a sewing machine no matter how cute the bunting may look so instead paper will have to do for now until I grow some guts and get bored of paper.

Although fabric bunting gives a more subtle and soft look, paper is a cost effective and boredom friendly activity to get into without breaking the piggy bank. I'll be attempting this DIY with fabric at the end of the month for my entry into the Hilary's blinds craft competition, but for now I'm attempting a paper version and to be honest I didn't hate the results.

All you need is ribbon, paper of your choice and some scissors and a pencil , (hole punch is optional). The paper can be a Cath Kidston floral print out to mimic fabric and once you're done it will look like a fooling faux fabric. Sadly I didn't think of that idea so I stuck to a mint green to tie in the colours of my room.

I didn't go with the traditional triangle cut-out because I wanted something different, a bit like a garland rather than the same old bunting shape. I chose butterflies because I love them. The shape, colour and elegance of the insect is actually inspiring to me (hence the butterfly folder in the back). Although I have to admit I'm a total scared-y cat and can't even go near them without squealing.

Anyway back to the DIY cut as many of the shapes you want but roughly estimate how many you will need to fit onto the ribbon length you've decided on. I think my ribbon was only a metre long since I only wanted it to frame my desk area, so I only cut 6 butterflies.

Once you're done pierce the shape with a hole punch or scissors and thread the ribbon through. For an extra touch I put some glass beads in between each of my butterflies and I think it turned out okay for a paper decoration.

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Hope you found this idea useful. If you try it out then tag me on Instagram @whatididonwednesday #moneysavymarch and come back in a few weeks for the easy fabric version of this DIY. Let me know if you'd like a comparison too - paper vs fabric.

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